The Community Kitchen Academy Program has graduated 200 students and created more than 197,350 meals for guests.

The dedicated hearts and hands of our community volunteers help us provide food for more than 12,000 people every year.

Each month, staff and volunteers deliver to over 150 households, providing them with food and a much welcome visit.

Feeding Chittenden



Through our food shelf, we provide local families and individuals facing hunger with a week's supply of groceries and prepared meals. We also offer fresh produce and bread five days per week. More than 10,000 people every year are helped through this program alone.

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Feeding Chittenden hits the road on the Good Food Truck. Through the power of good food, we feed our neighbors facing hunger, create opportunities for people who are unemployed, and unite the community around the fight against hunger.

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As the county’s foremost hot meals program, we are open to the entire community and serve a hot meal every day. More than 60,000 meals are served in our cafeteria each year.

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Community Kitchen Academy is a culinary job training program operated in partnership between Feeding Chittenden and the Vermont Foodbank. Students gain the professional and interpersonal skills they need to find and retain employment in the hospitality industry. Meals prepared in the program are used to fight hunger in the community.

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Each month, staff and volunteers deliver a week's  supply of groceries to homebound clients, providing them with food and a much welcomed visit.

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With the help of partners in the community, Feeding Chittenden fights food waste and local hunger by rescuing over 1 million pounds of food every year. Edible, nutritious food from local farms, restaurants and grocery stores is saved from the landfill and used to fight hunger.

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Together, we can provide food, community and opportunity for our neighbors facing hunger and food insecurity.

The dedicated hearts and hands of the community help us complete the countless tasks that go into providing food for more than 12,000 people every year.

By donating funds, you'll support a variety of programs that feed people and cultivate opportunities for people living in poverty. You can donate in many ways - by check, online, transferring securities, and more!

Food Drives are a great way to get involved in the fight against hunger. If you’d like to organize a food drive, you can download our guide to holding a successful food drive below.


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