March 9, 2021
Faces of Feeding Chittenden: Marcy

Due to ongoing health concerns, Marcy is a recipient of the Feeding Chittenden Homebound Delivery program, which has served our most at-risk neighbors during the pandemic. This program allows her not only to stay home and cook for herself, but to help feed families throughout her neighborhood. Marcy’s chicken soup is a crowd pleaser– she says “I can never make enough, ever– it goes out like gangbusters!”

Despite her own disabilities and financial troubles, Marcy works hard to share what she can. When she or her neighbors get a delivery from Feeding Chittenden, “the fruits and veggies get shared, the sweets all get shared, the bread is shared… we pretty much know each other’s likes, and it works like a charm. We help each other. It’s the best we can do, especially right now– people are struggling just to pay the rent, you know?… It’s really important that we share with each other. If it’s food, if it’s clothes, whatever it is.”

When she’s not busy in the kitchen, Marcy spends time with her dog, Marley. She also works on various crafts and projects, including gift baskets for the children in her neighborhood. In pre-covid times, she loved spending time with the kids in her community, and always had a fridge stocked with snacks for when they came over after school to chat, do homework, or pet Marley. Her door was always open to the kids of her neighborhood– she saw this as a way to “make sure that they’re not alone, and that they’ve got a way to be safe.” She’s been doing this for so long that now, she says “the kids that I raised are bringing their kids over!”

Marcy plays such an important role in her community, and we’re so glad to know her!