January 25, 2019


Our Feed A Family Campaign is in full swing.Generous people have been donating items that will go directly to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf.We truly hope our efforts make a big impact this holiday season.

So while we’re helping stock the shelves, some people have trouble getting there at all. They turn to the Homebound Delivery Program.

“Off to the next stop. Nice warm day,” Bob Genock said as he got out of the car carrying bags of groceries.

He’s volunteering, out of the goodness of his heart.

“It’ll be ten years next spring,” Genock said. I asked, “So what is it that keeps you going?” He said, “The Lord. He’s my boss.”

Genock is delivering food from the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf to those who are home bound.

“It is a life blood for a lot of these people,” Genock said.

“I’d have food, but I wouldn’t have enough,” Shirley Turner said, who is a recipient of the program.

For others, the Homebound Delivery Program is their only source of food. Stephanie Henry has to make the groceries last.

“The last week of the month, it’s pretty tough,” Henry said.

But through food, friendships are formed.

“They’re just great. They really are,” Henry said.

I asked, “Is there a favorite thing that you like getting in one of the bags, that you hope is in there?”

“Chocolate!” she yelled!

But before dessert… “And you have the peanut butter, right?” Mary Goldberg said. It’s more volunteers who are bagging up all of the donations.

“It’s nice to know that I’m  helping others,” Goldberg said.

And often times, the volunteers get more out of it than the recipients.

“It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. It lightens your heart, It gives you a good sense of community,” Goldberg added.

And it’s clear; the need in our community is great.

“Come on baby, you can open up,” Turner joked.

So if you’re able to, tis the season to give back.

“Take care. God bless,” Genock said as he left the house.

To see if you qualify – or if you’re interested in volunteering, just contact the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf.