May 4, 2021
A New Class of Community Kitchen Academy Graduates!

Cheers to Feeding Chittenden’s 34th Community Kitchen Academy class! Chefs Jim and Dave were extremely impressed with these students– they made some true “five star” meals in Feeding Chittenden’s kitchen during the past couple of months, and distributed a total of 1,300 pounds of delicious free food to their community. Curtis, Jay, Greta, Jenna, and Dylan all graduated on Thursday, April 29th, and each graduate has big plans for their future.Curtis now has a job cooking at a local restaurant in Burlington, but he would love to cook in the galley of a ship someday. Chef Jim says he cooked a delicious Indian thali that was “top of the line.”

Jay also cooks for a local restaurant now (he actually worked Two jobs while taking CKA classes!). He is very interested in nutritional sciences, and hopes to someday open a restaurant of his own with the healthiest, most delicious food possible.

Chef Jim says Dylan is the “best student who ever tried to saute,” and while Dylan doesn’t plan to cook professionally as of now, he’s proud of the skills he learned through CKA, and feels that he “grew as a person” through the experience.

Although Jenna just recently finished high school, she already knows that she wants to be a professional baker (and the amazing baked goods she made during CKA prove she has what it takes). She’s currently working as a line cook, but sees more culinary school in her future.

Greta has big plans for starting a business “on wheels” with her granddaughter. She’s named the business “MaryLee’s Kitchen” after her mother, who taught her to cook. While the business is just getting started, Greta is excited with the success they have had already.

We’re so excited to try food from MaryLee’s Kitchen, and to see where the rest of these all-star students use their talents next! Congrats CKA grads!

If you’re interested in gaining some skills in the kitchen and want to work with top-quality professional chefs, maybe our Community Kitchen Academy is right for you! You can learn more and apply here–

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