We couldn’t agree more with Gretchen. It’s time to get rid of the stigma around utilizing a food shelf, because food insecurity is not the fault of the person experiencing it. Between covid-19 and its countless impacts, hunger has become a reality for more Vermonters than ever this year. As Gretchen explained, “we’re all having to second guess about what’s more important– if we’re not able to pay the mortgage or the rent or the utilities, then how are we going to eat?”

At Feeding Chittenden, we’re working hard to get all of our neighbors the healthy food they need, want, and unequivocally deserve. Fighting food insecurity in our community has never been more necessary. We’re determined to build a system in the new year that will allow all of our neighbors to not only keep their pantries and refrigerators stocked, but to keep them stocked with the foods that are right for their lifestyles, diets, and kids’ eating habits.