“What do we do here? Restore people’s spirits through food.”
These are the words of Jim Logan, the head Chef instructor of our CKA (Community Kitchen Academy). Today, Rouma, Jess, and Jason officially graduated from the CKA! Over the course of seven weeks, they learned a lot– Jess says one of the most valuable take-aways was “new knife skills,” and Jason says that he feels like he is now a better chef simply because “ he learned things that he didn’t even realize were important,” like what kinds of wine were best for cooking certain dishes. Rouma said her favorite part of the program was “feeding the community” — the CKA students worked hard to make delicious, nourishing meals for community members who utilize Feeding Chittenden’s food shelf. With the help of Chefs Jim and Dave, they prepared nearly three thousand pounds of food for their community.
Congrats Rouma, Jess, and Jason, and best of luck on your future endeavors, culinary or otherwise! We appreciate all you’ve done at Feeding Chittenden to help restore and nourish people’s spirits with delicious food.