June 8, 2021
Plant Tip #1– Trellising

With seeds maturing and transplants settling into their new home it’s time to support your plant friends! Some plants like to have something to grab onto as they grow, like these peas in our garden. Trellising is a highly effective gardening technique that raises plants off the ground in order to keep them healthy and save space. You can use a wire trellis like this one for things like peas and beans, or re-purpose other items like a fence, chicken wire, or garden tools. Just make sure you are using sturdy materials and that they are secured well– There’s nothing worse than having your trellises break at prime harvest time!
It’s also important to consider how you arrange plants that need trellising. For example, if you have 3 or more tomato plants, it’s good to plant them in a row so that you can easily use trellising techniques like the “Florida Weave,” which involves sandwiching plants between pieces of twine (this technique works best with tomatoes).
It’s best to trellis your plants early in the season– Once they get too big they are stressed and more difficult to maneuver onto a trellis. Good luck, and happy gardening!