November 21, 2019
SNAP Challenge: What it’s really like to eat on a tight budget


National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week wraps up on Sunday. To show support, some people in Vermont have decided to take the 3SquaresVT Challenge.

The challenge is to eat on the average 3Squares benefit, formerly known as food stamps. For an individual, that’s $36 per week, or about $5.14 a day or $1.71 per meal. For a family of four, it comes to $99 a week.

Hannah Harrington is taking on the challenge for the week. Our Olivia Lyons joined Harrington as she made her dinner.

“I figured out how much I need for lunch, breakfast and dinner for the week and there wasn’t even $2 leftover. So it felt– in that moment– wow, a dozen eggs is really expensive,” Harrington said.

Harrington works as the service coordinator at Feeding Chittenden, helping people enroll in 3Squares. She wants to better connect with those on a limited budget.

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